Travel the world - an inspiration

Each journey has a reason and is part of our experience, forming our being. The beauty of the world is endless and I received a great gift, being able to discover this enormous treasure and being inspired each day from scratch.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. (Lao Tse)
  • Ethiopia (2011)

    Ethiopia is rich in culture, has an impressing history and some of the last worriers in Africa. The Surma people are a fascinating tribe and we went through a great adventure to meet them. Kalashnikovs sometimes threatened me, but also woman touching my breast were acting strange to me.

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  • Guinea-Bissau (2011)

    Among the poorest country in the world, but people are friendly, warm and have a great sense of humor. The journey also had some tough parts, especially during the visit of some noma patients.

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  • Nigeria (2011)

    Nigeria has over 160mio. people and more than 100mio. live below the poverty line (with less than 1.25 USD per day). We try to help the most vulnerable ones: children. And it’s great to see why we do it!! An amazing, warm-hearted place.

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  • China and Southeast Asia (2010)

    After some weeks of holidays in Thailand, I travelled back to China... but the border between Myanmar and China was closed for tourists, so instead of going straight, I travelled through Thailand again and Laos.

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  • Zurich to Beijing (2010)

    If travelling with the Trans-Siberian Railway or by bus, plain and taxi, this journey was a huge adventure. Especially Central Asia and all its "stan's" are some of the most amazing places on earth. Hospitality and smiles of all the people are guaranteed.

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  • Guinea-Bissau (2010)

    Beautiful country with an amazing archipelago just in front of Bissau. If I had to describe paradise, it would definitely look like this ex-Portuguese islands with spotless beaches, great food, amazing vegetation and great people.

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  • Madagascar (2009)

    You could spend ages here... it's just the perfect place to relax and get energy. Bounty-like palms, lobster every day, snorkeling and chilling. The rainforest is amazing and is the compensation for the struggling journey.

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  • Paris-France (2009)

    An outdoor museum just as breath-taking as the history of this great city...

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  • South East Asia (2009)

    Some relaxing days in Bali, some shopping in Singapore and at the end some chilling days in Thailand. What a great holiday!

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  • Paris and Carolina (2009)

    Birthday party of Carolina was taking place in a great city... Fun, good food, great shopping and heated debates.

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  • Nuernberg-Germany (2009)

    Visiting great friends and combining it with some sightseeing... great music festival and company with Markus and Vera!

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  • Switzerland (2009)

    Home, sweet home... the most beautiful place on earth!!!!

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  • West Africa (2007, 2008)

    Africa is not only a continent, but represents Mother Earth. Not only a journey, but an experience for life! Driving from Switzerland to Nigeria with our own car and meeting great people and places in-between made this trip not only an adventure, but changed my life completely.

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  • Niger (2006)

    Amour proper and the important question of how to find a husband. Niger and its Gerewol festival are amazing!!

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  • Nigeria (2006)

    My home country, a cultural place with diverse people and culture, but also with some problems, like noma.

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  • Istanbul-Turkey (2006)

    Great city with a mixture of Christianity and Islam. Interesting how such different cultures can exist side by side and preserve their history.

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  • Senegal (2006)

    Ile Gorée, the gate for Atlantic slave trade is probably the most famous place in Dakar. But Senegal has plenty of treasures, which can be explored easily.

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  • Cuba (2004)

    Cuba, the land of tabacco, ron and salsa....

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  • Southern Africa (2004, 2005, 2006)

    Southern Africa is diverse, interesting, adventures and my first big travel. Being in that part of the world for almost one year, I used to call it my second home.

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