China and Southeast Asia (2010)

After some weeks of holidays in Thailand, I travelled back to China... but the border between Myanmar and China was closed for tourists, so instead of going straight, I travelled through Thailand again and Laos.

    Probably the most vibrant city in the world was a great place to finish my journey, especially because I met my dear friend Carolina. Completely different to the mainland, Hong Kong has its own rules and regulations, but also its own culture.

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  • CHINA (Yunnan province)

    Very different to my first visit in China, Yunnan province is unique due to their culture, religion, language, landscape and ethnic groups. But a great experience to get in touch with some ethnic minorities in this part of China.

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  • LAOS

    Pongsali was the place, where I wanted to go. The Akha people, and many other ethnic minorities, live in the hills of this part of the country. Very interesting interaction and great landscape!!

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  • THAILAND (Eastern part)

    I had to go back to Thailand in order to travel somehow to China. And surprisingly I met an old school friend, who took me to her family. I spend a great time in a part of Thailand, where no tourists are found.

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    Ruled by a military government the country is among the poorest in the world. But the country is very rich in hospitality and warm-hearted people. The smile you encounter every day is touching. The landscape is breath-taking and some of the most beautiful temples are within Burmese borders. A fascinating place!!

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  • THAILAND (Southern part and Bangkok)

    There is not too much to say about Thailand, only it's just the perfect place to relax and enjoy some easy days on the beach. Diving, eating and chilling is definitely best done in Thailand.

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  • CHINA (Beijing)

    The Great Wall, the Forbidden City and many more attractions are being found in Beijing. But after travelling in Central Asia and especially in Mongolia, I enjoyed most the food! This megacity is offering everything and a good place to re-enter into civilization.

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